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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

HTRI technology

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

In our thermal design process we are using HTRI-program, which is globally used in process industries. In the core of our operation is a close-knit group of key professionals. During the course of our careers, we have established firm connections with trustworthy manufacturers of shell & tube heat exchangers all around Europe.

At the start of every new project, we arrange the bidding process in a way that best benefits our client. Our global network of suppliers guarantees that sudden changes in the market won’t affect the process in a negative way. All of the heat exchangers we deliver are CE-marked and comply with the strict regulations of the global standards. South-West Supply’s professionals oversee the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the highest levels in production.

In industrial manufacturing, a smooth flow of information isn’t obvious. Many manufacturers are only concerned about their own process and forget the client’s needs.

With South-West Supply’s project management, this problem ceases to exist. Our services include precise monitoring of the production as well as the materials used. This is combined with the latest digital solutions that make the flow of information smoother.

BES tema type

  • Full access for inspection, maintenance and cleaning
  • Suitable for demanding applications, such as crude oil heating
  • Maintenance requires more time

BEU tema type

  • Full access for inspection, maintenance and cleaning
  • Suitable for high pressure or temperature difference applications
  • Allows welded gaskets → 100% gas sealing

AFA tema type

  • Economical design → typical application as a oil cooler
  • Fixed shell → shell side cleaning with chemicals only
  • Bellows often necessary even in small temperature differences

AKU tema type

  • Typical application as a boiler
  • Suitable for large temperature differences
  • Allows welded gaskets → 100% gas sealing


Juha Mäntynen

Managing Director