Whether you are looking for pressure equipment or more extensive steel constructions, our supply core stays the same. Security of supply is achieved by careful documentation and supervision of each sector. With help from our local supervisors, we can immediately assess the work quality and measurement precisions.

Project Management in the Digital Age

The greatest benefit from working with us comes from our project management, which enables us to always provide our clients with a cost-efficient solution for the project at hand. We use the latest digital solutions in the delivery of information between clients and suppliers. Therefore, the communication between the different parties is effortless – wherever they may be.

When choosing a supplier, one of the most important questions is the communication channels. Specifically, how many different contact points there are between the client, supplier and installation crew. With South-West Supply the answer is simple: just one.

We have our own representatives working at the manufacturing sites, providing you with real-time information on the project. In addition to cost-efficiency, our work method makes sure that essential information reaches you fast and reliably.

Our services include effective sifting of the project data. This guarantees that you do not have to concern yourself with trivial information.


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Our flexible service can help you with projects of all sizes