Hannu Riikonen, owner at Indewe-Group, originally had an idea about pairing Finnish companies with Eastern European subcontractors. Juha Mäntynen, CEO at South-West Supply, was at the time working at a pressure equipment company, which had been one of Indewe’s customers. In early 2015, Hannu and Juha discussed the company idea for the first time. However, it was not until the summer of 2015 that they really sat down and considered each other’s ideas.

It did not take long after that; South-West Supply was founded in autumn 2015. ‘South-West’ comes from our geographic location – Turku in south-western Finland. The word ‘supply’, on the other hand, originates from what we do, we are a sales company. South-West Supply Oy Ltd started out as a consulting order; the customer needed a technical specification for the procurement of pressure equipment. However, it led to South-West Supply taking care of the whole procurement process for the customer: Planning, buying and delivering different modules and units. By the midyear of 2016, South-West Supply had truly reached what it originally was founded for: Supplying pressure equipment and steel solutions for the


Our number one priority is to grow our supplier network – globally. We want to have such a large supplier network, that no matter the market situation, we can always keep promised prices and delivery times. Maintaining our quality management network with the help of our partnerships is also important. We are going to grow into different areas within the manufacturing industry, expand our sales of industrial equipment and widen our customer base.

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